2019-2020 Field Trip Information

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your students at The Magik Theatre! Please take a moment to review these helpful hints about our reservation policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

School, Home School and Day Care Groups rates for the 2019-2020 season.

Immediately after the performance (most school programs held from Oct-May), a 10 minute talkback and Q&A is held by the cast that meets important TEKS standards and compliments our study guide for each show.  Call the box office 210.227.2751 for assistance with your group purchase. Ask about how your classroom can take a backstage tour!

For every 10 student tickets purchased, you will get one FREE  teacher admission in your group reservation.

  • $6.50 per child – Student rate
  • $5.00 per child – Title 1 per Student rate (with documentation)
  • $10.00 per guest – Additional field trip guest (per person, with documentation)

A Charlie Brown Christmas & Ella Enchanted: The Musical Field trip Rates: Students $8 and teachers/adults/chaperones $12. No discounts are available for this production.


Please note, effective September 1, 2018, all ticket prices will include a City of San Antonio Facility Fee on all tickets.

These prices are good for school shows during October 2019 through May 2020 (Rates vary for performances held during Spring break/Thanksgiving/Christmas break and other holidays).

Group rates vary for our Summer program and during holidays start at $10 for groups of 10 or more.  For questions or to make your reservation, call (210) 227-2751.

  • Once received, please review and sign your field trip invoice, then e-mail or fax it to the Theatre within 2 days of booking your field trip.
  • A 25% deposit (or the full amount, if your school prefers to only cut one check) must be paid 30 days from the date you confirmed your reservation. Seating is based on availability and payments received.
  • The balance must be paid on the day of your performance, please arrive early for check-in and to arrange for your tickets.  (For quicker check-in to avoid any delays, payment in advance is preferred).
  • The Theatre does not accept purchase orders, all accounts must be paid in full at check-in.

No refunds are given the day of the show.  Refund check request will be submitted and payment made within 4-6 weeks.

  • Please call the Theatre immediately if you have any changes to the performance date, number of children or adults, or special needs.
    • To decrease your ticket numbers, you have up until 2 weeks before the show date. No refunds will be made after final confirmation of seats.
    • To increase your ticket numbers, please call the Theatre ASAP, and we will do our best to accommodate your extra guests.
  • Our staff will e-mail or call you the 2 weeks prior to the week of your show to confirm your numbers. Please respond no later than 2 weeks before your show date to ensure we have the correct number of seats reserved for your group.
  • You may drop however many tickets you need to by 2 weeks before the show date without paying for the tickets that you drop. Final count is due 2 weeks prior and no adjustments can be made on the day of the performance.  No refunds can be made on the day of the performance.  If you have any major changes to your order, please call the box office at (210) 227-2751.

Please read the following 2 options carefully and communicate our policies to your parents prior to attending.


If you want the parents to be guaranteed a seat with your group, you must include the parents in your adult ticket request at the time of your group reservation.

Teacher/organizer must collect the $10 per ticket from the parent(s) and payment must be included in your final payment to the box office.  We recommend giving parents a deadline (3 weeks before your show date) to turn in their money to the school so you are able to have a final count. If you select this option, your parents do not need to contact the Theatre.



If you prefer that parents reserve directly through the Theatre, they will not be seated with the group/child and will most likely be seated in our balcony so that we may give priority seating to students. We highly recommend that parents reserve their tickets as far in advance to avoid possible sold-out performances. Tickets can be purchased online or by phone at (210) 227-2751. It is not recommended that parents purchase tickets on the day of without calling the box office to confirm availability.  If your parents will be reserving through the Theatre, please consider using the parent note template (in English and Spanish) provided by our box office to ensure all parents are aware of our policies.


After unloading, buses and commercial vehicles are not permitted to stay parked alongside the curb of Alamo Street in front of the Theatre during the show. Free parking for buses is available nearby at the Alamodome, Lot A. For information regarding the Alamodome bus parking, call (210) 207-3680 or visit http://www.alamodome.com/plan-your-visit/disabled-services. The Alamodome allows school buses to park in its Disabled Parking Lot (Lot A), unless there is a large event going on that requires the parking lot. If the Alamodome lot is unavailable, alternate bus parking can be found on Camaron Street between Martin Street and Travis Street. It is on-the-street parking reserved for buses (the closest address is 450 Camaron Street). There is signage along the street that says “Reserved for Tour Buses”, but the City of San Antonio has confirmed that this area is available for school buses as well, and is free of charge. There are also 1 or 2 bus parking spots along Nueva Street, which is the street at the end of our building.

Parents should plan to arrive early to park at nearby parking lots (Rates vary from $5-$15). The Theatre does not have a dedicated parking lot. A daytime parking map for parents can be found in our Parking and Directions page.


Doors will open 30 minutes prior to show time for weekday performances. Please plan to arrive at the time the doors open to avoid any delays or late seating. Teacher/organizer must check in the box office as the group/classes are getting lined up by Magik Theatre Staff.  The teacher/organizer will pass out tickets to the parents/teachers that are included in her group count.  Parents who wish to purchase or have purchased tickets in advance should plan to arrive early and check in at the box office.  Please note, if you are not part of the reservation made by the teacher/organizer, you will not be seating with the group.


If you plan to eat lunch after the show, you may leave your lunches in our 2nd lobby against the wall during the show. The Yanaguana Garden playground and park is located right next to the Theatre and is a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch before or after the show.


As we get closer to your show date, you can find study guides for each show and grade level at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your reservation, and enjoy your visit to The Magik Theatre!

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2019-2020 Season Schedule


Book by Jon Klein, music by Chris Jeffries, based on the book by James and Deborah Howe

October 11, 2019 – November 1, 2019

Recommended for ages 5+

A dancing cat, a howling dog, and a vampire bunny − the perfect pet combination for any family. It is a dark and stormy night and Chester (the family cat) and Harold (the family dog) sit waiting for their owners to return from a movie. When the Monroes arrive home, they bring a bunny that they found abandoned in the theater. But this is no ordinary rabbit –  this is the extraordinary Bunnicula! When the family’s vegetables start turning white, Chester thinks he knows what’s causing this fantastical phenomenon… Bunnicula is a vampire! Don’t miss this quick-paced musical as these furry friends sing and dance their way through a hilarious mystery, finding room in their hearts and their home for one very unique bunny.


Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol

Book and lyrics by Ken Ludwig and Jack Ludwig, based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

November 19, 2019 – December 19, 2019

Recommended for all ages

Tiny Tim longs to have his father home on Christmas day, but mean old Mr. Scrooge won’t give Bob Crachit the day off! There must be a way to change Scrooge’s mind – perhaps a ghost or two will set Scrooge right. Can this clever boy and his best friend Charlotte save Christmas and change the heart of the meanest man in town? With a little help from some kindly sellers at the market and a touch of Christmas magic, anything is possible. Adapted from the classic Charles Dickens’ novel, Tony Award winner Ken Ludwig and his son, Jack Ludwig, write this heartwarming Christmas tale that is sure to delight all ages.


The Magical Piñata

Book and lyrics by Karen Zacarías, music by Deborah Wicks La Puma

January 24, 2020 – February 15, 2020

Recommended for ages 5-8

A seemingly plain clay pot magically transports Cucha, a selfish and lonely girl, from her hometown of Zapoteco, Mexico, to a mysterious jungle filled with eccentric characters. Using her knowledge of both English and Spanish, Cucha encounters Parrot Rivera, a jungle muralist who paints the future; Señor Chapulin, a soccer star with the heart of the present; and Burro Burrito, a farmer who plows through the past. Meanwhile, the evil Monkey King and his silly sidekick know the clay pot is really a magical piñata and scheme to steal it from Cucha. Through Cucha’s journey, she discovers the magic of the mundane, the roots of cultural pride, and the power of sharing.


Dragons Love Tacos

Book by Ernie Nolan, music by Chris LaPorte, based on the book by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

March 6, 2020 – April 4, 2020

Recommended for ages 3 – 10

You know what dragons really love? Tacos of course! They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. While a boy and his dog are watching TV, they unexpectedly learn the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ of what kinds of tacos to serve dragons. Unfortunately, when the boy throws his new dragon friends a spicy salsa taco party, red-hot trouble ensues! Discover the dietary delights and dilemmas of dragons in this fun-filled production, adapted from The New York Times Best Selling book. Dragons Love Tacos is a sizzling story full of fiery fun for your entire family!


Charlotte’s Web

Adapted by Joseph Robinette, based on the book by E.B. White

May 1, 2020 – June 6, 2020

Recommended for ages 4+

Wilbur may be the runt of the litter, but he’s a rambunctious, lively, and lovable little pig who captures the heart of a little girl, Fern Arable. Fern is heartbroken when her piglet grows too big and is sent to reside on a farm owned by her uncle. When Fern learns of his eventual fate, it’s up to a wise and kind-hearted spider named Charlotte to hatch a plan to save him. Charlotte’s Web is based on E.B. White’s inspiring story that explores bravery, selfless love, and the true meaning of friendship.


A Charlie Brown Christmas and Ella Enchanted: The Musical will be at the Empire Theatre

A Charlie Brown Christmas*

December 12 – 15, 2019

The Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

The Magik Theatre returns with our 5th annual production of A Charlie Brown Christmas! The classic animated television special comes to life in this faithful stage adaptation, in which Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang discover the true meaning of Christmas.

When Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism he sees among everyone during the Christmas season, Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas pageant. Charlie Brown accepts, but this proves to be a frustrating endeavor. When an attempt to restore the proper holiday spirit with a forlorn little Christmas fir tree fails, he needs Linus’ help to discover the real meaning of Christmas.


Ella Enchanted: The Musical*

Book by Karen Zacarías, music by Deborah Wicks La Puma, adapted from the book by Gail Carson Levine

June 25, 2020 – July 5, 2020

Recommended for ages 5+

Ella of Frell is turning the traditional Cinderella story upside down. At birth, she was given the “gift” of obedience by her misguided fairy godmother. But as a teenager, strong-willed Ella chooses to reject her fate and embarks on a quest to break the curse forever. Through her adventures, Ella must outwit evil stepsisters, escape hungry ogres, and save the prince before she can claim her real voice. Ella Enchanted: The Musical is a fairy tale about self-empowerment, perseverance in the face of insurmountable obstacles, and an eagerness to learn. Don’t miss this heart-warming and powerful tale that will encourage children of all ages to discover the power of words – within their own voice.

*Special 2-act production at the Empire Theatre