Registration Policies & Class Procedures

Have you already registered your child for a camp or class? Still considering it? See our Registration Policies and Class Procedures to address any questions you may have.

If your questions are not addressed here, please contact our Education Department at or (210) 227-2751 x300.

Magik Theatre Camps and classes take place at Schultze House, located in Hemisfair Park, directly adjacent to the Magik at 615 E. Nueva St. 78205.

Student pickup and drop off will take place in the South Alamo Street Parking Lot, directly north of Magik Theatre.

Camp instructors and assistants will check out campers to approved parents/guardians only.  Please be prepared to show I.D. and we thank you in advance for helping us to protect your child.

We plan to move a LOT during camp.  Please have campers dress comfortably in clothes they can be active in, including laced/velcro shoes with a closed toe.

Dresses are not recommended.

Students may bring phones in order to contact their parents after class.  However, they will not be allowed to use their phones during class or lunch.

This year, we have partnered with Be-A-Champion to provide breakfast and lunch to ALL students at Magik Theatre Summer Camps. Students can still bring snacks or lunches if they wish. Additionally, we encourage all students to bring their own water bottle so that they can stay hydrated all day long!

Please leave all toys, jewelry, or any additional personal items of value that your child would not want to be lost or broken at home.  Magik Theatre is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Magik wants all students to have a fun and safe experience.  To that end, Magik staff will use its discretion to discuss behavioral issues privately with students and parents.  Should the need arise, the Director of Education will meet with parents to decide if the student’s continued enrollment is in the best interest of the entire class.  Please know that student behavior does not entitle you to a refund.

Magik Theatre supports equity and diversity.  We welcome all children and expect all children to enjoy each others’ differences.

  • Magik Theatre does not tolerate bullying. Any bullying, physical or verbal, will be dealt with in the strongest terms, up to and including immediate and permanent removal from camp.


  • All students should be prepared to eat lunch with minimal aid from staff. All students must be prepared to use the bathroom independently, including follow-up hygiene practices. Magik Theatre’s facilities include multi-stall toilets for girls, and stall toilets and urinals for boys.
  • Guardians will fill out Emergency Forms online. It includes these sections: Emergency Notification, Student Release/Pick-up Contacts, Medications, Special Needs, and Photo Release.
  • If a student becomes ill or has an accident, a staff member will call the emergency contact.
  • We provide ice packs, topical medication (anti-itch, anti-bacterial, etc.), bandages, and use appropriate first-aid practices.
  • Campers should keep emergency medication such as epi pens, insulin, glucagon, or inhalers in their backpacks. Information on where these medications are and how to administer them must be shared with the Camp Health Officer.
  • Additional medications, such as aspirin, or non-emergency prescription medication, will be kept in a locker and administered by Camp Health Officer according to prescription directions.
  • If staff deem that the child needs emergency attention, we will call 911 first. Children will be transported via ambulance to the nearest hospital.
  • Hemisfair Park is a very safe location, with plenty of park police readily available to assist should the need arise. But, we understand that leaving your child in any place can be stressful.  Rest assured we’ve taken the following steps to ensure your child’s safety:
  • All Magik staff have passed national FBI background checks.
  • All doors to the theatre and classrooms are locked from the inside.
  • Classes are conducted with two instructors so that staff can escort students to and from restrooms, etc.
  • Additional Magik staff are on campus to assist should the need arise.
  • Magik staff members wait with students inside the Box Office if they need to be picked up during camp hours.
  • We work to ensure your child’s privacy. For this reason, we do not allow guardians to stay in classrooms. This helps us provide a safe creative environment where students are autonomous, accountable for their own creative experience, and not distracted.
  • Should the downtown corridor become difficult to access due to celebrations in the park, construction, or anything of the sort, Magik staff will gladly stay with your child until they are safely in your car.

The Education Staff will note any medical conditions, allergies, or special needs (languages spoken, recent injuries we should know of, behavioral issues and strategies (ADD, ADHD, etc.), or separation anxiety, listed in the medical section of your Emergency Form.

These notes will be shared privately with all teachers. Our camps and classes are an inclusive experience. Open communication with families helps us create a successful environment for every camper.

If your child needs to take medication during their class time, or to discuss your child’s needs, please call the Director of Education at Magik Theatre at (210) 227-2751.

Magik Theatre can be found on our Parking and Directions page.

Please note that if a scheduled class, camp, workshop, or enrollment is canceled for any reason, the Magik Theatre will not issue an automatic refund. You will be contacted by our Education Department if this happens. If you have any questions or concerns about the cancellation policy at our school, please contact us at (210) 227-2751.