Magik Theatre Staff


Artistic Director – Anthony Runfola

Managing Director – Mel Zarb-Cousin


Office and Finance Manager – David Ankrom

Executive Administrator – Frank Villani

General Manager – Shannon Bishop

Director of Development – Heather Floyd

Audience Services Manager – Samantha Willhoite

Field Trip and Tour Manager – Adriana Gonzales

Marketing Manager – Brian Zavala

Marketing Coordinator – Michelle Godinez


Artistic Associate – Rosa Gardner


Education Department 

Education Manager – Lissette Belmontes

Education Coordinator – Kathleen Tapuke-O’Neal

Education Associate – Grace Featherston 


Technical Director – Pat Smith

Assistant Technical Director – Chris Boneta

Production Manager – Devon Moreno

Resident Stage Manager – Kelsey Nelson

Property Master – Lucian Hernandez

Lighting Supervisor – Thaddeus Morris

Costume Shop Manager – Sarah Steele

Audio Supervisor – Zachary Walsh

Magik Theatre Box Office 

Audience Services Coordinator – Sylvia Gonzales

Box Office Representative  – Lorenzo Mireles

Box Office Representative – Rylan Gonzales


For inquiries regarding Group Reservations or Magik on the Road touring productions, please email Field Trip and Tour Manager, Adriana Gonzales.

For inquiries regarding venue rentals, please contact Shannon Bishop.

For ticket reservations and donations, please e-mail our Box Office.

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