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You know that Magik Theatre has the biggest and best offering of children’s theatre programs in San Antonio. What you may not know about us is that we don’t ever turn children away from seeing our shows if they can’t pay the ticket price. Never. Because we prize literacy and self-confidence in children above all else, every child who wants to see our shows can have a seat.

We love theatre, and we love what it can do for kids. We’ve seen the light in their eyes when their favorite characters from books come to life for them onstage. If you’ve seen one of our shows, chances are that you’re a witness to how kids love what the medium of theatre can do to bring books alive. It’s simply Magik!

Since our founding, generous foundations and community partners have sponsored more than 300,000 free seats for kids who couldn’t otherwise afford a ticket.

We simply cannot do what we do without the commitment and support of people like you! Your gift is fully tax-deductible, and will help our community flourish with the arts at a crucial time when children need their imagination and creativity to be awakened.

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