SledgeFest: Magik Theatre Renovations Kickoff

SledgeFest: Magik Theatre Renovations Kickoff

The 2017-2018 season has come to an end, and The Magik Theatre has a lot planned for the next 6 weeks.

Thanks to generous funding from Impact San Antonio, The Nancy Smith Hurd Foundation, and others, Magik is able to begin renovations to key areas of the building to make it more accessible. This includes the restrooms and a cover for our handicap access ramp.

“These improvements are very important,” says Magik’s CEO, Frank Villani. “When Magik started to expand its programming to serve patrons with special needs, we quickly realized that our facilities were unaccommodating for these new clients and those with mobility issues. Basically, Magik operates in a theatre that was built for able-bodied men in 1893, and as Magik looks to the future, we want to make sure our venue is accessible and welcoming to everyone.”

About the renovations

In 2015, The Magik Theatre began offering sensory-friendly shows for children on the autism spectrum and with other sensory sensitivities. Magik also provides an American Sign Language interpreter for each production.

In November of 2017, Magik received a $100,000 from Impact San Antonio to improve the bathrooms and add a cover to its outdoor handicap ramp. With a grant from the Pryor Trust, Magik has purchased and installed new audio and lighting equipment that improves the overall quality of each production and offers the ability to better adapt productions for those patrons with sensory sensitivities. An additional $100,000 from the Hurd Foundation helps Magik purchase a wheelchair lift, repair the stage, and purchase equipment to improve their ability to adapt each production for patrons with special needs as well as enhance the experience for the 130,000 children who visit Magik each year.      

“But we still have so much more to do,” says Frank.  “We need to create a better seating area for our patrons using a wheelchair. Right now, they sit on an incline and are in danger of rolling away. Our chairs are from the 1960s and need replacing.” To make these changes Magik is still applying to long-time supporters and new donors for their help.

Stay tuned for updates, and some before and after photos.