San Antonio Botanical Gardens Events

The Ants Go Marching at the Botanical Garden
San Antonio Botanical Gardens
September 22, 2019
Created for Children ages 5 and Under   A plucky young Red Ant goes on a quest to find a Rainbow, but finds herself in Blue Ant territory! A story of learning, communicating and building, Ants Go Marching is Magik’s first Theatre for the Very Young original created for children ages 5 and under. Together, with...
Magik on the Road at the Botanical Garden
San Antonio Botanical Gardens
Magik on the Road at the Botanical Garden The Magik Theatre sends touring shows all over Texas to schools, festivals, and private events to over 40,000 patrons every year. This spring and summer, you can catch these magikal shows on stage! The Ugly Duckling September 15 The story tells of a homely little bird born...