The Ants Go Marching at the Botanical Garden

The Magik Theatre presents The Ants Go Marching at the Botanical Garden – Theatre for Very Young Audiences

A plucky young Red Ant goes on a quest to find a Rainbow, but finds herself in Blue Ant territory! A story of learning, communicating and building, Ants Go Marching is Magik’s first Theatre for the Very Young original created for children ages 5 and under. Together, with Red and Blue, you will go on a colorful adventure of rhythm, dance, and new friendship!

Written by Carolyn Dellinger

Tickets are $15 for adults and children ages 1+ (admission includes entry to the San Antonio Botanical Garden).

Co-partnered with The San Antonio Botanical Gardens






November 2018
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Mon Nov 5
Tue Nov 6
Wed Nov 7
Thu Nov 8
Fri Nov 9
Sat Nov 10
Mon Nov 12
Tue Nov 13
Wed Nov 14
Thu Nov 15
Fri Nov 16
Sat Nov 17





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