Registration Policies

Have you already registered your child for a camp or class? Still considering it? See our Registration Policies to address any questions you may have. If your questions are not addressed here, please call our Education Department at 210.227.2751 x300.

During their time with Magik, your student will:

  • develop theatre vocabulary
  • practice public speaking skills
  • develop memorization skills
  • engage in imaginative play
  • practice teamwork skills
  • learn new techniques (such as dance, singing, physical theatre, or physical comedy)
  • practice creative problem solving skills
  • rehearse in a positive, supportive environment
  • practice respectful critique of others’ work
  • put it all together to create theatre

Students should dress comfortably in clothes they can be active in, including laced/velcro shoes with a closed toe.

Inappropriate behavior during camp or extended care will result in these actions:

  1. The teacher will discuss the problem with the student privately and will notify the parent (either in person or by phone).
  2. The Director of Education or Education Coordinator will discuss the problem with the student and teacher privately, and will notify the parent.
  3. The teacher,student, and parent will meet privately with the Education Coordinator and/or Director of Education to decide if the students’s continued enrollment is in the best interest of the entire class.
    The Magik Theatre and Magik Performing Arts Center do not tolerate bullying. Any bullying, physical or verbal, will be dealt with in the strongest terms, up to and including immediate and permanent removal from camp.

Guardians will fill out our Emergency Forms online at registration. It included these sections: Emergency Notification, Student Release/Pick-up Contacts, Medications, Special Needs, and Photo Release. You will NOT need to bring these on the first day of camp/class.

The Magik Theatre designed a Student Contract, which outlines our expectations to ensure that every student has the best experience possible. Guardians and students will sign this online at the time of enrollment. You will NOT need to bring these on the first day of camp/class.

If a student becomes ill or has an accident, a staff member will call the emergency contact. We provide ice packs, topical medication (anti-itch, anti-bacterial, etc.), bandages, and use appropriate first aid practices. If staff deem the situation serious, we will call 911 first. If you need to pick up your student, a Magik staff member will wait with him or her at the Box Office.

We do not allow guardians to stay in classrooms. We insist on this to provide a safe creative environment where students are autonomous, accountable for their own creative experience, and not distracted. Parents are welcome to stay in our Parent Lounge at The Magik Performing Arts Center during their student’s class time.

We’ve witnessed firsthand how the creative process nurtures children and teens:

  • critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • enthusiasm for teamwork
  • empathy toward peers
  • healthy self-image

Because it has such positive and far-reaching outcomes for our students, Magik has always emphasized process over product. We truly believe your child will emerge from their time at Magik with skills that will serve them in all areas of life — as well as the confidence to use them.

MPAC has its own parking lot adjacent to the building, with limited parking slots. We advise guardians to arrive early to ensure parking is available. Parking is not permitted in the SUPER 8 parking lot, the U bend in front of MPAC, or on Casa Bella Street. Doing so is subject to towing at the owner’s expense. A parking map for classes or showcases at The Magik Theatre can be found on our Parking and Directions page.

Plan to leave all toys, stuffed animals, tablets, etc, at home! We understand guardians may want their campers to carry a cell phone. Please be aware that students will not be able to use their phones during class time. Teaching artists reserve the right to place student phones in the Education Director’s office until the end of the day if it becomes a distraction during class.

A few of our younger students may experience separation anxiety on the first day of class. We find the most effective way to ease them is for the parent to give a quick, supportive goodbye and for the teacher to immediately engage the child in activities with peers.

Reservations/tickets are NOT needed for showcases, except for our Mainstage Jr. productions, which are ticketed events. Guardians may record and photograph showcase performances (without flash or external light source), as long as doing so does not disturb other audience members. Please use discretion when sharing videos or photos on social networking sites such as Facebook. Magik may also take photos or video during camp for use in promotional material (see Photo Release section of the Emergency Form). We encourage you to invite your family and friends to enjoy the shows!

The Education Staff will note any medical conditions, allergies or special needs (languages spoken, recent injuries we should know of, behavioral issues and strategies (ADD, ADHD, etc.), or separation anxiety, listed in the medical section of your Emergency Form. These notes will be shared privately with all teachers. Our camps and classes are an inclusive experience. Open communication with families helps us create a successful environment for every camper. If your child needs to take medication during their class time, or to discuss your child’s needs, please call the Director of Education at The Magik Theatre at 210.227.2751.

All students should be prepared to eat lunch with minimal aid from staff. All students must be prepared to use the bathroom independently, including follow-up hygiene practices. Magik’s facilities include multi-stall toilets for girls, and stall toilets and urinals for boys.

Class is taught by teaching artists. Each artist has years of experience performing and teaching young people. Other teachers may include specialists in music, film, choreography, and technical theatre, or outside guest artists. College students may serve as interns. Magik conducts criminal background checks on all prospective staff aged 18 or older.