A Wrinkle in Time – You saw the movie, now see it live onstage!

From Artistic Director (and Director of A Wrinkle in Time), Frances Limoncelli

Artistic Director, Frances Limoncelli

In two weeks we start rehearsals for A Wrinkle in Time at Magik which opens May 18th. I am so excited to be bringing this moving story to life on the Magik stage. The book shaped me and many people of my generation in our youth, and I think it’s a very important story to be told in these times. No matter our position, the triumph of love over hate is a message we can each get behind, and although the Murry family is stretched across the universe, the family bond can’t be broken. The play, beautifully adapted from the classic book, helps me have faith in the human race and more love and understanding toward my fellow man. I hope you’ll bring your family to see A Wrinkle in Time with us May 18-27, and that you find it as uplifting and heartwarming as I do.

A few cool facts about A Wrinkle in Time at Magik:
  • This will be our first production especially for middle and high school students and their families. Now, with our Theatre for the Very Young series, our Mainstage elementary school offerings, and this Middle and High School production, we are proudly offering productions that serve all children, ages 0-17.
  • The play is adapted from a Newbery Award winning book by Madeleine L’Engle, who is known for works that reflect both her Christian faith and her interest in science. This young adult novel is a coming-of-age classic, a sci-fi fantasy cult favorite, and a moral examination of the war between good and evil.
  • The stunning Disney movie of A Wrinkle in Time is now in theatres — go see it! Compare the book, the movie, and the play with your children and you’ll have starting points for lots of great conversations.

The Story:

Ever since her father vanished under mysterious circumstances, Meg Murry’s life has been spiraling out of control. But one dark and stormy night, Mrs. Whatsit appears to take her on a magical and dangerous adventure to bring her father home. Join Meg, her extraordinary brother Charles Wallace, their pal Calvin, and a host of extraterrestrial friends and foes as they journey into the heart of a terrible evil in the hope of reuniting a fragmented family. This heartwarming adventure across the stars is adapted for the stage by James Sie and runs two hours with an intermission.

Tell your friends:

Since this is our first production for older children, we need your help reaching this new audience! Please tell your friends, relatives, co-workers, and your child’s teachers that Magik has something special for middle- and high-schoolers coming this spring!

Buy your tickets today – See you at the theatre!

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