Magik On The Road

Magik Theatre on the Road: Unforgettable Adventures Without Leaving Your School! Want to take your students on a journey but can’t afford the rising cost of buses? Magik Theatre on the Road brings fun, lively performances to children ages 3-12. Reserve this interactive experience for your students today.

To book a show, please call (210) 227-2751 or e-mail Lilly Canaria.

Our Magik on the Road tours include:

  • TEKS-based classroom guides filled with activities related to the performance
  • Meet-and-greet with the cast
  • After-show Q & A session between your students and the cast

Simply watching a Magik production meets several of your students’ dramatic and literary TEKs needs. Click on a play title below to download the Classroom Guide.

2017-2018 Pricing

1-75 students: $400
76-100 students: $450
101-125 students: $550
126-150 students: $650
151+ students: call or email for pricing

*For shows outside Bexar County, please contact for pricing.


Can I book a show for something other than a school?

Our shows also make great birthday parties or entertainment at special family events. Call for more details about tour availability.

Do we need to have a stage?

At your facility, all our shows require is an empty space. We will bring all of our own equipment and can perform in a large variety of venues, from classrooms to stages, cafeterias to gymnasiums.

On The Road Season
Three Little Pigs

He’ll huff, and he’ll puff, and he’ll blow you away! This is one serious wolf, looking for one serious meal, and three little pigs sound delectable. All he has to do is get into their little houses, one made of “straw”, one made of sticks, and one made of bricks. Find out what happens in our modern rendition of this classic tale. You’ll be blown away by the fun of it all! (Theme: Hard work brings its rewards and respecting others)

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Goldilocks And The Three Bears

A young girl takes a walk in the woods and soon becomes very interested in one, particular house. As she lets herself in, she helps herself to a bowl of porridge, a relaxing “break” on a chair, and a nap on a bed. Little does she know, she’s inside a house owned by the Bear family! Can Goldilocks wake up from her nap before the family comes home? Will she stay for dinner or will she be dinner? Find out in this fun-filled version of the classic story! *Show has bilingual elements (Theme: Being true to yourself and respecting others)

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Dr. Krashundbang

Dr. Krashundbang is an interactive one man show that seamlessly blends science and theatre into an exhilarating lesson through experimentation and humor. With his/her exciting and (mostly) harmless experiments, Dr. Krashundbang will demonstrate the scientific method and bring the physical sciences to life. Your students will never look at science the same way again, and will have so much fun they’ll never know they are learning. Dr. Krashundbang is a great show to help reinforce those pesky science TEKS requirements. Join Dr. Krashundbang on his journey of scientific discovery!

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Rumpel stiltskin

A miller’s daughter has been locked in a room with the orders to spin straw into gold if she is wanting to marry the charming King. Already knowing she does not have the skill to do so, she encounters a crafty man with a secret name who offers to help, but makes him a promise she isn’t prepared to keep. Now, she has three days to guess the man’s name. Can she do it before time runs out? Find out and maybe if she’s lucky, she can have some help from the audience! (Theme: Importance of keeping promises)

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The Gingerbread Man

On a cold winter day, an elderly couple make a gingerbread boy. Pleased with their work, they wish the boy was real. Old Man Winter hears their wish, and the Gingerbread Boy is magically brought to life, only to run away when he fears he will be replaced. Will the Gingerbread Boy be reunited with his mama and papa? Will there be a happy ending? Follow us through this Christmas musical featuring holiday tunes from around the world!

Available December only

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The Kingdom of Texas

For more than 100 years Texas was a Spanish Colony known as “The Kingdom of Texas” – that’s just one of many Texas facts in this crash course in Texas lore. Including stories like the Legend of the Bluebonnets, the tale of Pecos Bill, and of course, Davey Crockett and the saga of the Alamo, this show is sure to make your students experts in all things Texas.

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