Magik On The Road

Magik Theatre on the Road – Bringing Family Friendly Entertainment to YOU!

Want to take your students on a journey but can’t afford the rising cost of transportation? Want another family option to bring LIVE entertainment to your patrons and guests?

Magik Theatre on the Road brings fun, lively performances to children ages 3-12. Reserve this interactive experience today.

To book a show, click the button below, call 210.227-2751, or

We are currently offering a digital streaming options for Dragons Love Tacos,  Jack and the Beanstalk and Theatre for the Very Young Audiences production of Everything is Round.



Snow White by Greg Banks

This is not your usual “Once Upon a Time.” Classic? No. Wild? Yes! To start with, it’s a two-person play. Do the math. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Two fabulous, whip-smart, super-fast actors play Snow White, the huntsman, the prince, and all seven dwarves! And it’s funny. Really, really funny. So expect the unexpected in this fabulous fairy tale with a (spoiler alert) you-won’t-see-it-coming twist.

Señora Tortuga by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce

A celebration of the assimilation of two cultures and languages, this English/Spanish bilingual play uses the wisdom tales of Latin American cultures to give hope to a family faced with too much reality. Young Pedro and his family make their home in a barn on the Mexican border. Pedro complains of having nothing and brings his mother many headaches. On one occasion, she invites a hungry woman to share the family dinner. But this Señora returns time and again to eat and tell fantastical stories of the enchanted serpent and Cucuy of Latin American legend, filling Pedro’s nights with heroic, yet frightening dreams. Surprisingly, Pedro is learning from these wisdom tales, but his mother is suspicious of the Señora until it is revealed that Señora Tortuga holds the thread that ties their past dreams to their future.

Did you know that you can get 50% of the cost covered by a grant?

The Magik Theatre is a proud member of the Texas Touring Roster hosted by the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA). You can apply directly to the Mid-America Arts Alliance or the Texas Commission on the Arts for a grant to cover up to 50% of the touring fees and expenses. Please contact these two agencies directly for additional information on grant requests. 

To apply, please visit the Texas Commision on the Arts. Click HERE to read the FAQ on applying for funds. 

Eligibility: All Texas nonprofits, schools, colleges, and units of government.


August 1 – for activities occurring September 1 – December 14

November 1 – for activities occurring December 15 – March 14

February 1 – for activities occurring March 15 – June 14

May 1 – for activities occurring June 15 – August 31

Digital Streaming Pricing:

  • $250+ for groups from 1-99 (48 hour access with code)
  • $400+ for groups from 100-249 (48 hour access with code)
  • $600+ for groups from 250-499 (up to 7 day access with code)
  • For groups/schools of 500+, multiple streaming productions or longer periods of time, please call or email for pricing. Rates are also based on number of students/classes/schools.

Videos are streamed on YouTube and/or Vimeo with access code to schedule viewing the production in your allotted time.

Rates for Dragons Love Tacos will be an additional $50 due to royalty rights and additional fees.

Magik would like to thank Union Pacific and Whataburger for their support of this online programming.






Programs and artists are subject to change.

Our Magik on the Road tours include:

  • TEKS-based classroom guides filled with activities related to the performance
  • Meet-and-greet with the cast
  • After-show Q & A session between your students and the cast

Simply watching a Magik production meets several of your students’ dramatic and literary TEKs needs. Click on a play title below to download the Classroom Guide.

Fall 2020 – Summer 2021 Pricing for in-person options:

1-75 students: $400
76-100 students: $450
101-125 students: $550
126-150 students: $650
151+ students: call or email for pricing

*For shows outside Bexar County, please contact for pricing. Group pricing is available for 3 or more shows outside of Bexar County.


The Magik Theatre is a proud member of the Texas Touring Roster hosted by the Texas Commission on the Arts. You can apply directly to the Mid-America Arts Alliance or the Texas Commission on the Arts for a grant to cover Magik’s touring fees and expenses. Please contact these two agencies directly for additional information on grant requests.


Can I book a show for something other than a school?

Our shows also make great birthday parties or entertainment at special family events. Call for more details about tour availability.

Do we need to have a stage?

At your facility, all our shows require is an empty space. We will bring all of our own equipment and can perform in a large variety of venues, from classrooms to stages, cafeterias to gymnasiums. All we need is a standard electrical outlet to plug into and we are all set!

Streaming Productions
Dragons Love Tacos

Stage adaptation by Ernie Nolan, produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences. Based on the book by Adam Rubin with illustrations by Daniel Salmieri, published by Penguin Group.

Recommended for ages 3 – 10

You know what dragons really love? Tacos of course! They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. While a boy and his dog are watching TV, they unexpectedly learn the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ of what kinds of tacos to serve dragons. Unfortunately, when the boy throws his new dragon friends a spicy salsa taco party, red-hot trouble ensues! Discover the dietary delights and dilemmas of dragons in this fun-filled production, adapted from The New York Times Best Selling book. Dragons Love Tacos is a sizzling story full of fiery fun for your entire family!

Download Study Guides
Jack and the Beanstalk

Would you trade your best friend for three magic beans? When Jack does, he gets high-altitude adventure and more gold than he could ever spend. Even so, Jack is unhappy. Find out what happens when Jack learns that a true friend is the greatest treasure in the world. Don’t miss the chance to bring this classic fairy tale to life for your students – follow us as we climb up to the wondrous world of the beanstalk. Suitable for all ages.

Download Study Guides
Everything is Round

Following previous Theatre for the Very Young productions Wake Up Brother Bear and The Ants Go Marching, The Magik Theatre presents  Everything is Round – created by the Pollyanna Theatre Company in Austin, Texas!

No matter where you look, inside or outside of the house, it seems like everything is round. Except for when everything that isn’t…This interactive new play is designed to challenge our youngest friends to see shapes all around them, no matter where they look. Written by Nick Kryah.

Public Performances
Magik on the Road tour shows are typically booked at schools or for private events. Occasionally we have the joy of performing for public audiences so that everyone can share the experience of Magik on the Road.

There are no public performances of Magik on the Road currently scheduled, but check back soon!