Goldilocks at the Botanical Garden

The Magik Theatre presents Goldilocks at the Botanical Garden

A young girl takes a walk in the woods and soon becomes very interested in one particular house. As she lets herself in, she helps herself to a bowl of porridge, a relaxing “break” on a chair, and a nap on a bed. Little does she know, she’s inside a house owned by the Bear family! Can Goldilocks wake up from her nap before the family comes home? Will she stay for dinner or will she be dinner? Find out in this fun-filled version of the classic story! *Show has bilingual elements

Tickets are $15 for adults and children ages 1+ (admission includes entry to the San Antonio Botanical Garden).

Co-partnered with The San Antonio Botanical Garden






November 2018
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Mon Nov 5
Tue Nov 6
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Thu Nov 8
Fri Nov 9
Sat Nov 10
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