X-celerated Theatre

Rehabilitative Theatre Arts Mentorship


"My experience from Theatre Arts was great. It brought out a different kind of Drake. I learned a lot from working with Mr. Apollo. I turned a new page in my life too. At the end of the program I felt proud of myself because I accomplished something…and it turned into something big. And no matter what happened I will never forget my experience with theatre arts, or the trainer, or the soldier, that I brought out on that stage."

— Drake, program graduate

Theatre Arts was the best thing for me to do. It was fun and I made my family proud. I would love to do it again. The people made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in going on stage and performing. It was a chance for me to express myself in a way I never thought of.
— Ricky, program graduate

"I have had the pleasure of seeing the direct impact of the beautiful work of Magik Theatre and their effect on our residents for five years. Magik volunteers are greeted with tentative young men, uncertain, lacking confidence, even somewhat defiant and inappropriate. Over the weeks, through the use of theatre exercises and coaching, the boys begin to open up, chests raise, heads rise, and even voices get a little more confident. It is magic to watch. These boys start to pour their heart into writing, practicing, and performing their very own plays. When I’m recruiting participants, I tell them you will be eating, reading, writing, and sleeping theatre by the end and I mean it. Magik Theatre is a strong program and one that has proven to be very therapeutic and cathartic in our environment."
— J. Maupin, Enrichment Program Coordinator, Krier Center

"The program has benefited the youth immensely by building their self-esteem and has been a critical component of their treatment program... Although the audience is always impressed by the youths’ performance, no one in attendance truly understands the magic of the experience... These are young people who are focused on a goal, not youth offenders who want to continue to make poor life choices.  These are young men and women who are speaking from the heart, who reflect their inner-self in their characters and take pride in having belonged to this project."
— Glenn Faulk, former Special Projects Coordinator, Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department

X-celerated Theatre offers a rehabilitative theatre arts mentorship to some of San Antonio’s most at-risk young people. The students in the program come from different economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds and must learn to put aside these conflicts to form a cohesive troupe. Each workshop concludes with a sharing of an original work for friends and family that speaks to the obstacles and social issues that matter to the students.


The mission of the X-celerated Theatre Program is to incorporate theatre education into the folds of the counseling that the students receive, giving them strong communication, writing, teambuilding, and leadership skills that can be used in every facet of their lives. 


Participants in X-celerated Theatre programs become artistically literate learners by receiving hands-on instruction in:

☆ Creating Ensemble          ☆ Acting, Movement, and Vocal Techniques          ☆ Idea Development

☆ Writing and Narrative Structure            ☆ Improvisation              ☆Speech and Rhetoric

☆ Script and Monologue Interpretation               ☆ Theatre Vocabulary          ☆Technical Theatre


X-celerated Theatre now offers several workshop variations within this program.

4 Week Intensive  
8 classes over 4 weeks. 1 hour of instruction per class. This workshop is geared towards exposing youth to the creative process of developing theatre games, acting warm ups, vocal and body warm ups, improvisation introduction, narrative development, and short scene work. There is no formal performance included with this class. 


6 Week Intensive
12 classes over 6 weeks.  90 minutes of instruction per class. This workshop is geared towards introducing  youth to theatre games, acting warm ups, vocal and body warm ups, and a writing workshop. Informal stage reading of their scripts at your facility for families and friends.


10 Week Intensive
20 classes over three months. 2 hours of instruction per class. This workshop will introduce participants to theatre games, acting warm ups, vocal and body warm ups, improvisation, narrative development and writing workshop, performance, and introduction to technical theatre. Staged performance at your facility for family and friends. 


For more information about program availability and prices email education@magiktheatre.org or call 210-227-2751.