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Magik Theatre on the Road:
Unforgettable Adventures Without Ever Leaving Your School! Want to take your students on a journey but can’t afford the rising cost of buses? Magik Theatre on the Road brings fun and lively performances to children aged three to twelve years. Reserve this interactive experience for your students today! Our Magik on the Road tours are available Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Every tour includes:
  • TEKS-based classroom guides filled with activities related to the performance
  • Meet-and-greet with the cast
  • After-show Q & A session between your students and the cast
More, simply watching a Magik production meets several of your students' dramatic and literary TEKS needs! To book a show, please call our Box Office at 210-227-2751.

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Dr. Krashundbang is an interactive one-man show that seamlessly blends science and theatre into an exhilarating lesson through experimentation and humor. With his exciting and mostly harmless experiments, Dr. Krashundbang will demonstrate the scientific method and bring the physical sciences to life. Your students will never look at science the same way again, and will have so much fun they'll never know they are learning. Suitable for elementary and middle school grades, DR. KRASHUNDBANG is a great show to help reinforce those pesky science TEKS requirements. Join Dr. Krashundbang on his journey of scientific discovery!
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - except Maddy Mouse! It’s Christmas Eve and Maddy Mouse is causing trouble again. She has eaten all of Santa’s cookies, used the Christmas wreath as a hula hoop and cut holes into her family’s Christmas stockings so she can use them for puppets! Her big brother Mitchell tries to save the day, but Mommy and Daddy Mouse think he is the one causing the problems and threaten to call the North Pole to tell Santa Mouse not to visit their house. Can Mitchell fix all of Maddy’s mistakes in time for Christmas? Find out in Merry Christmas Mouse, a show suitable for all ages.
Would you trade your best friend for three magic beans? When Jack does, he gets high-altitude adventure and more gold than he could ever spend. Even so, Jack is unhappy. Find out what happens when Jack learns that a true friend is the greatest treasure in the world. Don’t miss the chance to bring this classic fairy tale to life for your students - follow us as we climb up to the wondrous world of the beanstalk. Suitable for all ages.
The King has locked Gabby in a straw-filled room, with orders to spin gold or lose her head! When a crafty man with a secret name offers to help, she makes him a promise she isn’t prepared to keep. Now Gabby has three days to guess the man’s name. Can she do it before time runs out?

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