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A well-rounded education involves the arts – writing, drawing, performing, sculpting, dancing, composing, creating. Magik offers a variety of programs to meet the arts education needs of San Antonio-area children, including weekend and afterschool classes, Camp Showbiz, workshops for kids and adults, and theatre mentorship for at-risk youth.

The importance of integrating arts in education was realized in 1983, when Harvard professor of neuroscience Howard Gardner developed his groundbreaking theory of multiple intelligences. Upending the accepted belief that everyone is born with a uniform cognitive capacity, Gardner proposed that there are nine different kinds of intelligences - and no two individuals have the exact same configuration. In other words: people do not all learn in the same ways or to the same capacity.

The arts can play a crucial role in improving students’ learning abilities because the arts draw on a range of intelligences and learning styles, not just the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences on which school curricula are based.

The benefits of including the arts within standard course curricula include the development of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, improved overall academic performance, heightened self-esteem and self-confidence, greater creative and emotional expression, and greater self-discipline and sense of responsibility.

As San Antonio’s leader in theatre arts education, The Magik Theatre is committed to keeping the arts in education for our community’s children. Your support ensures that Magik is able to fulfill this part of our mission. Help The Magik Theatre keep the arts in education for San Antonio’s children - donate today!

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