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Mission Statement

Our mission statement, created by our Board and key staff members, is a strong statement that ensures that The Magik Theatre stays focused as an educational organization. Each year the Board and staff examine the mission statement to ensure that all of our actions closely follow the principles set out. Everything we do is designed to educate both young people and adults. We also strive to nurture the next generation’s theatre audience.

The theatre is a miraculous place. Unlike electronic media, it activates all of our senses. Every performance is a new experience. Most of the audience members have never met, but for a brief moment in time, they share an experience that will never again happen just the same way. Each attendee sees the play differently, and the actors react to the energy of the audience. Even if the playwright’s words don’t change, the play changes because the tempo, rhythm, and intensity of the actors and audience change.

Many theatre artists bemoan the lack of audience for challenging theatre. Audience-building means educating an entire generation about the importance of theatre -- to teach young people that the theatre is a laboratory, a safe stage upon which we can examine issues that confront our society, hoping that in this safe place we can experiment with solutions, finally arriving at one or more that provide the best opportunity for society to solve the problem.

For more about our organization, including our Annual Reports, visit Magik’s profile at GuideStar.

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